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Skip Reedy is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Detroit, holds an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago and is certified by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO). He is the owner of CCPM Consulting LLC and is considered an expert in Critical Chain Project Management. Skip spent 14 years with Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer, a Design Engineer and an internal Theory of Constraints consultant. His web site is and he may be reached by Email at

Editor's Note:

In December 2012 we published a Guest paper: Critical Chain Project Management by Skip Reedy. In it he described the management of constraints concepts that underpin the Theory of Constraints that is typically applied in manufacturing production management and is now advocated for project management. You can read his previous paper here:

As a reminder, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a method of managing any kind of project by focusing on quickly completing tasks (and the project). It provides exceptional current status so delays and problems can be resolved and mitigated early.

In this case, and the postscript, of actual successful projects, Skip says that he worked on the 777-300ER Derivative Airframe Design for over a year. He was one of five Boeing internal Critical Chain consultants on the program. The budget for the airframe derivative was $500 million.

If you take the aggressive program duration, and calculate the actual duration based on it starting two months late and finishing early, the program finished 26% early. Skip also believes that the project finished 10% under budget. He says it was amazing to see how easily it got out of trouble.

These cases set out to demonstrate Skip's support for Critical Chain Project Management.


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