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The airplanes went together much better in the factory than previous derivatives. The upside is significantly faster projects, while business-as-usual is clearly the downside.

Simple work rules

The following simple work rules evolved:

  1. Work on the high priority project
  2. Critical Chain tasks have priority over feeding chain tasks
  3. Earlier scheduled tasks have priority over later scheduled tasks
  4. The above rules are subject to buffer management decisions
  5. Work on the active, high priority task to completion

All tasks had due dates. However, when the tasks were ahead of schedule, no one paid attention.

One of the engineers on the 777-200LR was asked how he liked Critical Chain. His response: "Critical what?" When his Lead was asked why the engineer didn't know they were using Critical Chain, the Lead said, "He doesn't need to know. I give him work. He finishes it and gives it back. I give him more work. I need to know how to manage with Critical Chain. He just works on one thing at a time. It's easy."


"Whether you think you can or think you can't — you're right." Said Henry Ford. "Whether you think CCPM can work or think it can't — you're right." That means you can only win people over by actually having them use Critical Chain Project Management!

Results  Results

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