First referenced on LinkedIn circa December 2020,
this Guest paper was retrieved and permission provided to republish here.
It is copyright to Antonio Nieto‑Rodriguez © 2020.
Note: This paper concludes with a brief discussion between Antonio and Max.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Trend #1: The End of Job Descriptions, the Start of Project Roles  
Trend #2: From Project Manager to Strategy Implementation Professionals
Trend #3: Expanding Our Toolkit, It Is Not Waterfall or Agile
Trend #4: The Project Management Office (PMO), Transform Now or Game Over
Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Disrupt Project Management Soon
A Global Challenge | Discussion Between Max and Antonio

Trend #1: The End of Job Descriptions, the Start of Project Roles

The move from a world driven by efficiency to a world driven by the change will have enormous consequences in terms of strategies, culture, organizational structure, competencies, compensations, etc. More and more work will be carried out through projects. For example, The Richards Group is the largest independently owned ad agency in the US, with annual billings of $1.28 billion, a revenue of $170 million, and more than 650 employees. Stan Richards, its founder, and CEO removed almost all of its management layers and job titles, leaving only that of the project manager.[3]

The Richards Group is not an exception. One of the most significant impacts of this unprecedented disruption will be the end of job descriptions, which almost every organization has had for the past 30 years, and will be replaced by project roles. Today most employees don't work on what their job descriptions state; they work on the changing priorities, the strategic initiatives, the focus on the clients, and delivering value to their organizations.

In short, they actually work on projects. Employees very soon will be assigned a role in a project, and once the project is over, they will be assigned a role in another project.

Introduction  Introduction

3. See "Stan Richards's Unique Management Style" (Inc.), accessed 1 October 2018,
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