First referenced on LinkedIn circa December 2020,
this Guest paper was retrieved and permission provided to republish here.
It is copyright to Antonio Nieto‑Rodriguez © 2020.
Note: This paper concludes with a brief discussion between Antonio and Max.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Trend #1: The End of Job Descriptions, the Start of Project Roles  
Trend #2: From Project Manager to Strategy Implementation Professionals
Trend #3: Expanding Our Toolkit, It Is Not Waterfall or Agile
Trend #4: The Project Management Office (PMO), Transform Now or Game Over
Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Disrupt Project Management Soon
A Global Challenge | Discussion Between Max and Antonio

A Global Challenge

Finally, I want to share a global challenge and new aspiration for our project management community for 2021. Today, a significant number of projects fail to deliver their objectives. We urgently need to step up to considerably increase the project success rate. Considering that every year approximately 48 trillion US dollars are invested in projects, it follows that we fail to deliver trillions of benefits and value, with consequent loss to organizations and society at large.

It is colossal, unbearable, and embarrassing.

What if we commit to doing much better? If we increase our success ratio from 30% to 60%? Just imaging the amount of value that we would be adding to the world, approximately the GDP of China in extra benefit. Imagine the effect if we do that not only in 2021 but year after year.

The project economy is here. The world needs top project managers more than ever. But we need to adapt and grow fast. Let's not waste this unique opportunity!

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez concludes:

"There are fewer 'low-cost' ways of working more inclusive, impactful, motivating and inspiring than being part of a project with an ambitious goal, a higher purpose, and a clear fixed deadline."

Trend 5: Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Disrupt Project Management Soon  Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Disrupt Project Management Soon

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