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Published here September 2015.

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Book Structure

The content of this book is set out in four major sections plus a number of other items of interest as follows:

• Foreword

• Editor's Note

• Introduction

• Winning Answers













• Author's End Note

• Would you be so kind 

• Special Offer

• About the Author

• Stay in Touch

The four sections identified above are the ones presenting typical potential questions to you in an interview, sorted according to the section's title. Every question has a standard structure consisting of the question; the reason why the question is being asked; a suggested response strategy; and followed by a sample answer. There is only one question on each page leaving a lot of empty space on most pages. Consider this as useful space for jotting down notes for your own particular situation.

The book has a total of 520 pages. There is no Glossary of terms, but this is hardly necessary considering the type of content. What is interesting is that Personality/Motivation is by far the largest section with 235 questions, followed far behind by Experience with 115, Background with 85 and Education with only 65. Maybe this distribution is a reflection of the importance of each section.

Introduction  Introduction

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