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Published here September 2015.

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Contrary to the suggestion to read this book from cover to cover,[7] the necessary consistent framework of each Q & A can become very tedious reading. We suggest a more dynamic approach whereby you prioritize your areas of interest and focus on them.

Another strategy that we suggest is that you prepare a list of questions yourself that you want to ask of the company. What are their policies regarding mentoring and training for example? What is the size of the [department, division or whole company], and hence the chances of promotion? You might even daringly ask the interviewer: What is the rate of turnover in the department of interest? (That should put the interviewer on the spot!)

The effect is to take over the conversation and save the interviewer the trouble of thinking up relevant questions. At the same time, you demonstrate that you have done your homework and now show your potential for becoming an enthusiastic employee and a potential leader.

Oh yes, there is one question in the book about project work. It asks:

What do you do when you are faced with an obstacle to completing an important project?

Why this question is being asked: As every job has various obstacles to overcome, the interviewer wants to understand your process for dealing with them.

Strategy: Provide a clear example of the type of obstacle you have encountered, what you did to manage it and the end result.

Sample answer: (As a project manager this question is made for you!)

Come to think of it, considering how many organizations are moving to project-style management in this fast-paced world, it is surprising that there are not more examples of this type in the book.

What We Liked  What We Liked

7. Ibid, p5
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