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Published here December, 2007.

PART 3 | Tips on Step 1 - Portfolio Setup (Categorization)
Tips on Step 2 - Identify Needs and Opportunities (Identification) 
Tips on Step 3 - Evaluate Options (Evaluation) | Investment Science
Tips on Step 4 - Select the Work (Selection) | Secondary Selection Criteria for Screening | PART 5

Tips on Step 4 - Select the Work (Selection)

Having evaluated all of the necessary work and the credible opportunities and initiatives, the next step is to produce a shorter list of portfolio components from the work done in the previous Steps. The prioritization of this list may almost be self evident, but not always. So, for each of the components brought forward, you should have the following information:

  • A statement briefly describing the Strategic Plan as one basis of reference
  • List of evaluated components, assembled in categories if or where applicable
  • A Value Proposition, Business Case or Project Charter (in the case of an on-going project), documentation that reflects the justification in terms of benefits, as well as cost time and risk considerations
  • A value score for each component
  • Graphical representations where these help to clarify relative standings
  • The resources required for each component
  • Recommendations resulting from the evaluation Step and/or from the sponsoring Client or Customer

As a result of this Step you will end up with a list of categorized, evaluated and selected portfolio components, together with a set of recommendations for subsequent Steps.

Investment Science  Investment Science

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