Published here October 2010.

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For those who are looking for an introduction to some of the concepts underlying systematic decision-making in a project environment, this book provides a lightweight overview. The book draws extensively on the work of others and the text is supported by some classic case studies reflecting good and bad decisions. The authors also provide a lengthy list of references for further reading.

However, we found we had to wade through many pages of banal, or common knowledge to project management practitioners, and even contradictions and misinformation, before arriving at valuable advice half way through Chapter 4.

We have noted that the back cover of the book states:

"This practical guide helps project managers and their teams become better decision-makers by focusing on the key issues associated with decision-making. You will learn how to frame the decision, gather information, close the decision, get approval within the organization, and start implementing."

We feel that this claim is only true if readers are willing to construct their own approach steps based on the descriptive material in the book.


Sadly, Col. Robert A. Powell, PhD, passed away shortly before this book was published in 2009.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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