Key-note address to
A Conference under the Northern Lights
by R. Max Wideman, President of the Project Management Institute, in Reykjavik, Iceland, August 31st, 1987

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How Large Is Our Market?

You may say that we are getting rather detailed, but these details are important to organizations such as ours, because it means that there are a lot of people out there who are involved in projects. I am sure that a lot of them would like to know how to do it better, and conserve their limited resources.

For example, I have estimated that about one percent of the North American population is actually employed on project work of one kind or another. Suppose that only ten percent of these would be interested in improvement. Then this would still amount to 250,000 people. The world population I think is about 5 billion, so between us we have a potential market of at least 5 million!

You may ask me where we are going. Well that is where we should be going. There is obviously fertile ground out there for a very aggressive marketing and recruiting campaign - if we can only figure out how. Perhaps the answer lies in the last line of our mission statement: "effective management of resources in reaching project goals". Embedded in that phrase, I think, is an opportunity to benefit mankind worldwide.

What is Project Mangement?  What is Project Mangement?

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