Key-note address to
A Conference under the Northern Lights
by R. Max Wideman, President of the Project Management Institute, in Reykjavik, Iceland, August 31st, 1987

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The Future

So what does the future hold?

I believe that those of us in the business have to work a lot harder to get our concepts and ideas across, to achieve realization that project management really is different from traditional general management, to get across in the simplest of terms, how anybody faced with a project really can do it better.

On larger projects, particularly natural resource projects which are significant to more people, we must get across the idea that conservation and more effective use of human and material resources means more projects and so eventually better conditions for the world's populations. Indeed, you may have noticed a tendency for politicians and governments around the world to squander our resources - especially that of money, more for power and political ends than for the best interests of the people that they serve.

I am not suggesting that project management should displace the political process. Far from it. What I am suggesting is that we have a job to do to get across to them the idea that there really is a way to improve at the level of the individual, and that this will serve both their own interests and that of their constituents. It could begin with the management of political campaigns!

That is why conferences such as this are so important. They provide the forum for exchanging ideas and experience, for recharging ones batteries so to speak, for seeking new directions and setting new goals.

After all, as I indicated earlier, the market is big enough for those who are aggressive enough to tackle it.

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for this opportunity to bring you the trends in our latest thinking.

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