Published February 2013.

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The differences described do lead to broad differences in personality types suited to either project work or operations work. Indeed, people who are suited to, and therefore enjoy, project work become quite unhappy when transferred to operations - and vice versa.[27] In other words the two groups of people have different mindsets.

That means that each group has to be managed quite differently. As discussed in an earlier paper on this web site - projects need leadership while operations require "managership".[28]

R. Max Wideman

Differences at the Work Level  Differences at the Work Level

27. See Dominant Personality Traits Suited to Running Projects Successfully (And What Type are You?) and Project Teamwork, Personality Profiles and the Population at Large: Do we have enough of the right kind of people?
28. For articles on this topic, see Project Manager to Project Leader? And the Rocky Road Between ...
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