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Introduction | The Scope of Opportunities
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The Scope of Opportunities

No doubt this range of opportunities can be overwhelming, but for the best outcome you must first do your homework! That means getting a clear understanding of what project management is all about, how best to apply it, and understanding many of the recommended policies, procedures and practices it can involve. Studying the offerings on this web sight can go a long way to get you started.[1]

Then try and find someone who is directly involved in the project management of any one of the several areas that you are considering, such as Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Information Technology, or even Hi-Technology. Where do you find such people? Look for your nearest local project management chapter and attend one of their meetings, or at least, talk to the chapter's president to get directions.

Even though you may be complete strangers, I guarantee that any of these people will be pleased to talk to you about what they do by way of project management. So, don't be shy!

All of this, i.e., meeting people and discussing project management work, can be an indirect way of advertising that you are looking for employment, and especially the type of work you are interested in. If you find something that really looks good, be direct and ask who to contact. In response you could be referred to someone who will just ask to see your resume. So be ready with that. Want help? Enter "Resume" in Search My Site — you will get loads of links to look at.

Introduction  Introduction

1. For example, take a look at our cartoon series PM 101
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