This paper was printed as Chapter 5 in the GPM state-of-the-art book Dimensions of Project Management edited by H. ReschkeŠ & H. Schelle and published by Springer-Verlag in 1990. The book involved 29 authors from 16 countries and was assembled in honor of Roland W. Gutsch's 65th birthday. Roland, a personal friend, was founder and long-time leader of the International Project Management Association in Europe.

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Two Recent Hydro Projects

It seems that water storage schemes are becoming increasingly vulnerable to environmental concerns. As if to emphasize the points made earlier, the following newspaper articles are perhaps worth quoting.

From The Indian Express, Bombay, January, 1990.

"The controversial Tehri hydel power project in Uttar Pradesh is likely to go through, perhaps with some changes to satisfy agitating environmentalists ... . After a marathon five hours of talks ... chaired by the Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, the environmentalists lost some ground as it was decided to resume work which was suspended earlier this month ... .

The meeting highlighted the clear divide between the groups for and against the project, and the technical data and arguments presented by both sides confused even Mrs. Gandhi ... ."

From The Sunday Spectrum, Calgary, Alberta, March 1990.

"Activity continues at Oldman Dam site ... . There is ... a hub of frantic construction, even though nearly a week ago three Federal Court of Appeal justices jerked the province's building Licence and ordered neglected environmental studies." 

Clearly, there is still trouble ahead!

Some Practical Examples  Some Practical Examples

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