This paper was printed as Chapter 5 in the GPM state-of-the-art book Dimensions of Project Management edited by H. ReschkeŠ & H. Schelle and published by Springer-Verlag in 1990. The book involved 29 authors from 16 countries and was assembled in honor of Roland W. Gutsch's 65th birthday. Roland, a personal friend, was founder and long-time leader of the International Project Management Association in Europe.

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Consultants in Constructive Citizen Participation

Today, project sponsors and administrators are finding themselves spending more and more of their time and resources simply reacting to conflict and crisis. To the surprise of many, they are discovering that much of this is coming from the community around them, because now people have very different values, goals and assumptions. As we have seen, this trend is likely to accelerate.

In fact many project delays and postponements and cancellations are unnecessary. Mistrust stems from uncertainty, poor communication, inadequate information exchange, basic philosophical differences, and general lack of credibility. Mistrust leads to confrontation, polarized positions, inflexibility, and entrenched adversarial roles. Each party needs to at least understand, if not entirely accept, the legitimate and differing interests, roles and expectations of the other.

Very often, the issue in the public's mind is not so much how to stop the project altogether, but how to have their concerns integrated into its strategic planning. However, once conflict has developed, special dedication and skill is required in its resolution. Better still is the constructive participation of the citizenship at the outset.

Consequently, consultants are now to be found who have developed various techniques for working constructively with stakeholder conflict, or who specialize in acting as independent mediators through communication, education, analysis and soliciting alternative courses of action.

Two recent hydro projects  Two recent hydro projects

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