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Published here October 2014.

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Book Structure

The content of this book is set out in twelve chapters and three Appendices as follows:

Introduction - Expectations, background, relationship with project management

Content Guide - The business of projects, commercial delivery, symbols used, etc.




Evolution of a Business Lifecycle - PM, PMBOK®, application, business lifecycles



Organizational Responsibilities - Delivery management, team structures, assignment



A Risk System - Business perspective; event, factor and alert models; success criteria



Estimation Anxiety - Prerequisites, top-down, bottom-up, rule of thumb, uncertainty



Quality Conundrum - Goal, modeling, techniques, commitment & motivation



Finance Matters - During bid, initiation, execution, & completion phases




Assessing the Opportunity - Bid/No bid procedures, templates



Bidding the Project - Planning & preparation, procedures & check lists



Initiating the Project - Procedures: contract, order entry, initiation, issues, change



Executing the Project - The work: procedures, forms and templates, issues, changes



Completing the Project - Acceptance, transition, financials, completion, issues, change



Steps to Success - Core business concepts, commercial delivery, environment

References Glossary

About the Author

Because the chapter titles hardly do justice to the wealth of information available in the book, we have added brief snippets to each chapter heading as an indication of the content within. The book has a total of 86 Figures spread throughout the chapters. Each of the chapters in the book's Part 1 concludes with a brief summary.

The Glossary of Terms consists largely of the terminology used in this area of the project management industry, together with a significant number of acronyms that the author has adopted for purposes of writing this book. Therefore, the reader would be well advised to tag the Glossary for rapid access while reading the text.

The book has a total of 316 pages in 8.5"x11.0" format, spirally bound for easy opening and reference. There is no content index

Introduction  Introduction

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