Published here April 2016

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This review is not intended to be comprehensive. There are other areas that we have not touched on, for example, the so-called "Front-end" of the Project Life Span and, by implication, the "Back-end". These areas, often conducted by different people at different times, have not been thoroughly explored in the literature. Indeed, many consider that they are not a part of the individual Project Life Span, and responsibility lies elsewhere. Yet decisions made at these times can be fundamental to the ultimate "Success" of a project and its product.

So, before we try to establish an in-depth Framework Standard covering all the aspects of Project-related Management, let us first thoroughly reexamine the knowledge we have gained through practical experience and theoretical testable constructs.

It may be necessary to set aside some well-established mantras and dogma. But if so, that is simply a prerequisite to establishing a firm foundation on which to build a solid and realistic Project Management[18] Framework with which we can then move forward.

For an in-depth view of Single Project Management, see:, April 2009

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

Project Risk and Success  Project Risk and Success

18. "Project Management" as redefined in this paper.
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