Published here April 2019

Foreword | Introduction
Terms and Definitions Relating to Project Management in This Paper
The Essence of Core Concepts of Project Management
Proposed Core Concepts of Project Management - Part 1, Part 2
Discussion | Conclusion

Terms and Definitions Relating to Project Management in This Paper

Core Concepts: Immutable conditions that must exist in a project's environment to enable a higher chance of a successful outcome.[4]

Policies: Constraints on the range of an organization's activities and procedures.[5]

Practices: A mode of behaving or doing something established by custom.[6]

Principles: A comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption. A rule or code of conduct.[7]

Procedures: A particular way of accomplishing something. A series of steps followed in a regular and definite order. A traditional or established way of doing things.[8]

Project: A temporary endeavor, undertaken in phases to achieve a defined objective. An objective might be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes and/or benefits, depending on the project context. A project objective should be focused on contributing to outcomes that realize benefits for the organization that is undertaking the project. Outcomes require the provision of final outputs, which should meet defined needs or requirements. A project can be subject to multiple constraints.9]

Project Management: A set of coordinated activities to direct and control the accomplishment of a project's agreed scope. Project management integrates the project management practices to plan, direct, monitor and control all aspects of a project and the motivation of those involved in order to achieve the project's objectives.[10]

Introduction  Introduction

4. Core Concept: A descriptor deliberately chosen in this article to be clearly distinguishable from those words that follow and that are the source of some confusion.
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