Published here April 2019

Foreword | Introduction
Terms and Definitions Relating to Project Management in This Paper
The Essence of Core Concepts of Project Management
Proposed Core Concepts of Project Management - Part 1, Part 2
Discussion | Conclusion


It is worth remembering that human beings also have core concepts associated with every activity that they do. This is usually referred to as their "beliefs system", and represents their moral compass. In a similar way, project teams should be availed of a set of core concepts that becomes embedded in their project belief system. In this way, their project activities will be aimed at achieving project success in a much broader context. This is perhaps something that those advocating for more attention to the environment might think about.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as they say. If the proposed "moral compass" for projects works well, it is likely to produce a successful project outcome. If not, the project is likely to get lost on its way and get added to the long list of failures.

R. Max Wideman

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