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Published here May 2014

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What we have in this massive tome is a large collection of valuable thoughts worthy of study. It is also laced with a little humor here and there. For example:

"The idea you can specify everything up front, execute the project in pre-defined phases, base your testing on your specification etc. etc. is all very persuasive. If however, you start to feel it's a little unreal — not the way the world works, don't worry. It's not you that's got the wrong end of the stick."[9]

Did we learn anything you may ask? Indeed we did. We learned that the classic reference to "left brain — right brain thinking" denoting differences as "logical" on the left side versus "creative" on the right size of the brain has now been debunked by scientific MRI scans of brain activity.[10]

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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9. Lock, Dennis and Lindsay Scott, Handbook of People in Project Management: Kevin Dolling, Paul Girling and Joanna Reynolds on the subject of Human Traits and Behaviors in Project Management, p757.
10. Ibid: Alicia Arnold on the subject of Creativity, p730.
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