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Published here May 2014

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About the Editors

Dennis Lock is well known to our readers. Two of his previous books have been reviewed on this web site.[3] He is a freelance writer specializing in project management. Following early years as an electronic engineer, management posts were held in industries ranging from defense electronics to heavy machine tools and mining engineering. After occasional consultancy assignments in Europe, eight more recent years were spent as an external lecturer in project management on Master's degree programs at two British universities. Dennis is a Fellow of APM, Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute. He has written or edited over 60 management books, mostly for Gower. His best seller Project Management has sold over 100,00 copies worldwide and is now in its 10th Edition.[4] Dennis has written about 20% of this latest book.

Lindsay Scott is a director of Arras People, a project management recruitment organization. She is also currently lead committee member of the PMOSIG, a specialist group of PMO professionals. Previously, Lindsay was the Project Office Manager for Hewlett-Packard.[5] Lindsay contributed about 5% of the contents of this latest book.

Introduction  Introduction

3. The reviews referred to are in our Book Reviews — Set #5: Book 1: Project Management, Tenth Edition, by Dennis Lock, 2013 and Book 2: Naked Project Management, The Bare Facts, by Dennis Lock, 2012.
4. Handbook of People in Project Management, Dennis Lock, pp xxxiii-xxxiv.
5. Ibid, p xxxvi.
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