Note: Some of the material is sourced from some kind person now lost in antiquity.
Published here June 2023.

Introduction | A Proposal/Business Case Template
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A Proposal/Business Case Template

Before you begin to study the following suggestions in detail, you might find it useful to go back and read some of the related material on this web site. You can do this by using the site search engine and entering "Business Case Template". You might start by keeping in mind answers to the questions:

  • Why are you writing this proposal? And,
  • How are you going to insert maximum influence towards your objective?

While the example that follows is a minimalist template, your specific document could be even simpler. Stay focused on what you're trying to achieve with the document and incorporate only what you need for getting your message across. Be economical with words and remember that the reader will form an opinion of you and your proposal within the first few seconds of looking at your proposal.

Introduction  Introduction

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