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CubeGuard - A Cubicle Message Barrier

CubeGuard - A Cubicle Message Barrier

For those working in cubicles, CubeGuard[3] is a cubicle entry barrier with a message that provides a great new way to help stop workplace interruptions. Being marked with creative banners and custom messages also help to improve productivity. CubeGuard is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: CubeGuard
Figure 2: CubeGuard

According to the news release:

"Based on U.S. Census Bureau data, there are an estimated 50 million or more cubicle workers in U.S. offices today. These workers all share a common problem - interruptions from other co-workers or visitors to their cubicles, wasting time and reducing productivity. Workers lose a significant amount of time to unnecessary interruptions, and the time it then takes to refocus on work after each interruption. Such interruptions must cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars.[4].

Until recently, there has been no effective way to prevent interruptions while working on important tasks. But now a unique new product called the CubeGuard Cubicle Message Barrier helps solve this challenge by providing a retractable message banner that is easily mounted across a cubicle or office entryway. This fun yet functional new communication tool lets workers prevent productivity interruptions before they start by sharing a colorfully direct message like 'Please Do Not Disturb' or 'On a Deadline' to ward off unwanted interruptions from co-workers.

How Does CubeGuard work? CubeGuard is designed to fit into any professional office environment and can also be fully customized with corporate logos and themes. It attaches in seconds by either Velcro or magnets to each side of the cubicle entryway and fits openings of up to 50 inches wide. Users simply pull the message banner across their cubicle entryway when they need to prevent interruptions or to share their availability status. Changing the message status is as easy as swapping out message cartridges. CubeGuard can be personalized with customized designs and messages to suit specific requirements."

A casual drop-by with: "Hi, how are you? Hope your wife is feeling better?" (or whatever) is probably a social necessity in the office. But the garrulous are certainly not welcome when serious work has to be done to meet a project deadline.

So the CubeGuard might just do the trick!

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3. CubeGuard, Santa Clara, California, is available from
4. According to Jonathan B. Spira, Chief Analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm, and author of Managing the Knowledge Workforce.
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