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Published here October 2018

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Book Structure

The contents of this book are set out with an Introduction and 12 chapters as follows:




The Barriers to Change



The Reasons for Change



Interpreting the Language of Change



The Process of Change



Understanding the Business



Understanding the Change



Who Is Impacted by the Change



OCM Approaches



Organizational Change Manager Techniques



How to Measure Success



Creating a Winning Organizational Change Management Strategy



Adopting a Culture of Change

The book is well written in a clear and understandable in-depth style that makes for easy reading. As can be seen from the Table of Contents, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of Change and, up to Chapter 10 concludes with a list of references. The text is well supported by a number of good tables, charts and brief actual examples to help the reader understand the content, and exercise practical application.

The fact is that any organizational change is a project whether it be 5 days or 5 years, and this book offers sound advice to that end. The book has a total of 252 pages — it does not include a Glossary of Terms. Following What We Liked, Part 1 we have further expanded our thoughts in What We Liked, Part 2.

Introduction  Introduction

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