Published here March, 2004.

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American Productivity & Quality Center Perspective

If you have not visited the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) web site recently, at you might find it worth doing so. Their primary area of interest is Knowledge Management and they specialize in Knowledge Mapping. As they say of one of their conferences:

"Knowledge Mapping

Creating a knowledge map with a detailed understanding of information and knowledge needs is critical to any knowledge management initiative, whether enterprise wide or focused on a specific business process. This one-day session focuses on the tactical steps and tools used to identify the information/knowledge gaps, to conduct an investigative process to find out where the information/knowledge is located, and to locate and prioritize how the information/knowledge can be used to enhance key areas of focus."[4]

So far, so good. That sounds like a pretty convincing case for knowledge mapping.

APQC claims to be "A recognized leader in benchmarking, knowledge management, measurement, and quality programs" and "helps organizations adapt to rapidly changing environments, build new and better ways to work, and succeed in a competitive marketplace." Their Knowledge Sharing Network provides access to best-practice information, metrics, and benchmarking tools and templates. Although project management is not listed as one of their areas of interest, nevertheless APQC has recently issued a white paper "Finding Project Management Performance Benchmarks"

Instead, a Project Management Maturity Model?  Instead, a Project Management Maturity Model?

4. APQC web site 2004
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