Managing the Development of Building Projects for Better Results

First published in 1981, updated for web presentation, Dec. 2000

Introduction | Principal Parties | Project Plan | Improving Performance
Project Life Cycle | Bar Chart Schedule | Manpower Loading Data
Information Explosion | Final Cost | Design Stages | Cost Effectiveness
Choices | Construction Costing | Value Management | Design Review
Cost of Building Ownership | Practice and Value Management | Summary

An Information Explosion

Figure 5[3] shows the rate of development of information during the various stages of the project.

Figure 5: The Information Explosion

As you might expect from Figure 3, project information expands rapidly during the detailed working drawings stage. In fact it probably grows from about 15% to 85% of the total in this stage. Since this work is highly dependent upon the quality of the work done in the previous phases it is vital that these earlier phases deal with all necessary aspects, the information is of high caliber and, above all, is reasonably firm. Equally, it is vital that the development of working drawings by all the disciplines involved be managed and monitored against the approved terms of reference.

  Some Valuable Manpower Loading Data  

3.  Wideman, R. M., Cost Control of Capital Projects, BiTech Publishers, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Second Edition, 1995.

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