Managing the Development of Building Projects for Better Results

First published in 1981, updated for web presentation, Dec. 2000

Introduction | Principal Parties | Project Plan | Improving Performance
Project Life Cycle | Bar Chart Schedule | Manpower Loading Data
Information Explosion | Final Cost | Design Stages | Cost Effectiveness
Choices | Construction Costing | Value Management | Design Review
Cost of Building Ownership | Practice and Value Management | Summary

A Typical Building Project Bar Chart Schedule

Figure 2 shows a typical building project bar chart which relates the master schedule activities to the phases outlined in Figure 1. You will see that the acceptance of a tender and award of the major contract is taken as an arbitrary zero on the time base. This is because it is a clearly defined point in time and its significance in the life of a project is commonly understood. The time durations shown were derived from a fairly large sample of building projects costing from under $1 million to several million, and are considered to be representative.

Figure 2: Typical Building Project Bar Chart

From the data, you will be interested to note that most projects have been in existence for as long as it will take to construct them. The implication is that the start of construction must be preceded by adequate time for conceptual and functional planning as well as the preparation of the necessary design and administrative documents and procedures.

The Project Life Cycle: Four Basic Phases  The Project Life Cycle: Four Basic Phases

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