Published here June, 2008.

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This book describes Jason Westland's preferred project management methodology that is encapsulated in his proprietary product Method123®.[13] The book caters for many types of project, including IT, finance, telecommunications and administrative projects. It is written in plain text and, as Jason observes:

"I have adopted industry standard terminology that can be understood by any reader with a rudimentary knowledge of project management. I have not adopted the complicated acronym-based terminology that is prevalent throughout industry. As such, you will not read about undertaking a PERT (project evaluation review technique) or CPA (critical path analysis), but you will read about how to create practical plans for managing time, cost and quality within a project. This book explains the project life cycle without the fluff."[14]

Amen to that! So, this book is simple, straightforward and detailed, and it includes over 100 tables and examples that you can use as templates for your project. But you will have to read the book for those details.

Highly recommended for the types of projects indicated.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

Downside  Downside

13. See
14. Westland, pp xvi-xvii
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