Published here June, 2008.

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Book Structure

The book structure is very simple, yet it covers a lot of ground in only 237 pages. Jason explains it as follows.

"The project life cycle

"The project life cycle consists of four phases as shown in Figure [1].

Figure 1: The four phases of the project life cycle
Figure 1: The four phases of the project life cycle[3]

"As there are four phases within the project life cycle, there are four main chapters in this book. Each of these chapters describes a particular project life cycle phase in detail, by providing the activities and tasks required to complete the phase in its entirety. In Chapter 2 you will learn how to initiate projects by developing a business case, undertaking a feasibility study, establishing the terms of reference, appointing the team and setting up a project office.

"Every step required to build a comprehensive suite of project plans is provided in Chapter 3. This includes the activities required to create a project plan, resource plan, financial plan, quality plan, risk plan, acceptance plan, communications plan and procurement plan. The entire tender process is also defined, allowing you to create a suite of tender documentation to help you select a preferred supplier and create a supplier contract.

"The most complex phase in the project life cycle (project execution) is made simple in Chapter 4 with a step by step guide to the nine critical management processes: time management, cost management, quality management, change management, risk management, issue management, procurement management, acceptance management and communications management.

"Finally in Chapter 5, you will be shown how to formally close a project by creating a project closure report and undertaking a post implementation review. So sit back, relax and discover the vital steps needed to manage a project through the four critical phases of the project life cycle: initiation, planning, execution and closure."[4]

Introduction  Introduction

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