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Published here August 2018

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This is a chatty sort of book, full of stories drawn from author Stacey Hanke's experiences, and the contacts in her work of encouraging her clients to become more influential. We believe it provides sound advice and will satisfy those willing to follow her counseling. Of course, how realistic it is depends on your point of view and your will to endure.

Perhaps the best way to conclude this review is to quote from her summary at the end of Chapter 4 in which she states:

•  "The sooner you commit to being all-in to improve your communication skills and enhance your influence, the sooner you will see results.

•  Communicating with influence is a lifelong process based on daily choices.

•  One of the biggest obstacle to growing your influence is resistance to change.

•  Influence is a choice. You have to take action in order to achieve greater influence."

Project managers and their followers know all about implementing change because that is what project management is all about. However, change calling for self-improvement seems to be quite a different type of challenge.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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