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Published here August 2018

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Book Structure

The content of this book is set out in twelve chapters plus a prologue and epilogue as follows:

(Prologue:) Are You Really as Influential as You Think You Are?

Part I: Influence Redefined



Is Your Influence Outdated?



Influence 2.0



Let Go of What You Believe to be True

Part II: The Drivers of Influence



Influence is a Choice



Feedback: Fake, Fluff or True?



Practice: Don't Wait for the "Big Gig"



Accountability: Eliminate Excuses and Take Action

Part III: The Elements of Influence



Self-Awareness: How You Unknowingly Sabotage Your Influence



Consistency: Does Your Message Sink or Swim?



Reputation: Who Are You, Monday to Monday?



Adaptability: Focus Outward Rather Than Inward



Impact: Influence Beyond the Interaction

(Epilogue:) The Power of Influence

The book has a total of 234 pages. It is well laid out and content is evenly distributed across chapters at an average of fifteen pages per chapter. Each chapter ends with a brief summary. The book includes a limited number of diagrams and sidebars to emphasize the concepts being discussed. It does not include a Glossary of Terms.

Introduction  Introduction

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