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Why is the Front-End Important? | What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in the Front-End?
What Should the Front-End Embody? | Project Selection and Go/No-Go Decisions
Other Topics Covered in the Report

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in the Front-End?[10]

There are a number of different roles in the frontend, but there are no agreed definitions. Hence, clarity is needed in distinguishing between the front-end, as embedded in the permanent organization and the front-end project environment being set up for the project delivery team. The former is interested in the strategic benefits that are outcomes from the project, while the latter is tasked with producing the project deliverables.






is the (permanent) organization or person who ultimately derives the strategic benefits from the project



Still at the level of the permanent organization, still looking at the strategic benefits of the project rather than the immediate project deliverables, it is considered best practice to have one individual responsible for the delivery of the strategic benefits.


Project Manager

This is perhaps the clearest role, tasked with delivering the outputs of a project.


Communities & the public (stakeholders)

The behavior of secondary stakeholders' may change during the project lifecycle and hence their potential to influence the project management's decision-making



are those who will directly use or benefit from the project.

Table 2: Roles in the front-end[11]
Why is the Front-End Important?  Why is the Front-End Important?

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