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This systematic literature review (The Report) is the copyright property of the authors.
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The edited extracts and opinions expressed here are strictly those of Max Wideman.
Published here September 2020

Introduction | Original Structure of the Report | What is the Front-End?
Why is the Front-End Important? | What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in the Front-End?
What Should the Front-End Embody? | Project Selection and Go/No-Go Decisions
Other Topics Covered in the Report

Other Topics Covered in the Report[16]

Many other important topics that go into much more detail are also examined in The Report. Their headings are listed here for ease of reference.

Stakeholder management

Benefits/needs analysis

Concept analysis and alternatives analysis


Uncertainty analysis




The project appraisal/evaluation process


Project concept



Defining and estimating the project


Risk analysis


Technology assessment


Environmental assessment and sustainability


Project delivery system

Setting up for successful project execution


Project finance


Project governance



One last observation in The Report caught my attention. Under the heading Limitations of the study,[17] the first sentence starts: "While this paper covers all projects, ..." For me, this observation is not strictly true and to many can appear confusing. The Report focuses on significant projects but as I said in my Introduction, the research is essentially based on papers by authors discussing medium to large projects in the infrastructure construction sector. While this is a very large, costly and important project sector, there are many other areas of project management application that may have a quite different perspective on The front-end of (their) projects.

As I indicated before in my last paper, it is my hope that with all this knowledge being brought to front and center in our practice of serious project management, "official" standards will be updated and the rate of project successes will thereby be significantly improved.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

I would like to express my appreciation to the authors for allowing me to paraphrase the observations in their paper.

Project Selection and Go/No-Go Decisions  Project Selection and Go/No-Go Decisions

16. Ibid, sections 4.2.3 through 5 on pages 8-18
17. Ibid, section 5, p18
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