Published here November 2012

Introduction | What can Financial Accounting Do for Projects?
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Second Thoughts | Footnote and References

Footnote and References

Earlier in the Email exchange, we did indicate that we had "not come across any books devoted" to the "support Financial Accounting can give to the project cost accountant". There are, however, many excellent books devoted to corporate accounting. Just go and Google "Management Accounting" to get a large number of results to choose from.

Similarly, there are a number of books available on Project Cost Accounting. One of the first is my own book: Cost Control of Capital Projects[3] originally published in 1995. Or you can find a list of references on my web site here: /sitemap/cost.htm

Second Thoughts  Second Thoughts

3. Originally available from Bi Tech Publishers Ltd, 173-11860 Hammersmith Way, Richmond, BC, Canada, V7A 5G1, telephone: 604-277-4250.
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