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Published here April 2016

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About the Authors[7]

Jake Holloway is an experienced Project Manager, Management Consultant and Business development Director in the areas of IT, Digital and Marketing. He has managed and sponsored hundreds of projects and portfolios, and has been involved in building and designing project management systems. Jake's interest is in the difference between the reality of how people behave at work and how it is described in management theory.

Dr. David Bryde is a professor in Project Management at Liverpool John Moores University. Previously, David worked as head of the technical support department for Metier Management Systems, supplier of Artemis — a project management software package and as a project manager for ICI. David is an experienced researcher, teacher and consultant on various aspects of project management

Roger Joby is Managing Director of 1to1to1 and has over 20 year's experience in project finance, project management and line management within the pharmaceutical industry both in the UK and Europe.

Introduction  Introduction

7. See the book's back cover.
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