A paper presented to a TUNS/Revay seminar in 1990.
It has been modified only to suit a web presentation format.

Published here September, 2001.

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Useful Tips for Staying out of Trouble

The following tips are suggested for keeping a contractor out of trouble:

  1. Develop a master schedule and a more detailed schedule that fits the required dates in the contract. Then develop "short-term plans", especially with the help of major, or critical sub-trades. Distribute this schedule information to all concerned, including the owner and his consultants, so that everyone knows what is expected of them, and can plan their work effectively and economically. After all, the object of the exercise is for everyone to make money. Monitor and up-date the schedule on a regular basis. If you or your sub-trade causes a delay to the work, do something about it. If the owner, or his consultants cause a delay, notify them promptly, politely but firmly, in writing.
  2. Avoid an impossible bid, or sub-trade price, even in a tight bidding situation, when you know the sub cannot do the work for the money.
  3. Make sure that not only the contractor's general forces, but also each of the sub-trades can perform their work without interference or delays by any others. Where close coordination is required, make sure there is proper communication taking place at a level that can have a positive impact on the work.
  4. As general contractor, coordinate the entire work, including that of sub-trades, by taking charge and ensuring that all activities are effectively organized
  5. According to the old axiom, remember that time is money. This is just as true for the owner, the consultant, the contractor and all the sub-contractors.

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Managing the Records  Managing the Records

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