A paper presented to a TUNS/Revay seminar in 1990.
It has been modified only to suit a web presentation format.

Published here September, 2001.

Introduction | Claim Avoidance | Claim Identification | Sources of Dispute
Claim Notification | Reserving Rights | Record Keeping | Typical Set of Records
Focus on the Last Two Groups | Managing the Records | Useful Tips

Reserving Rights

Very often a contractor does not know the real cause for claim until some time after the events that have given rise to the situation. A typical case involves the accumulated impact of a series of changes, each of which may appear minor, but collectively have a disrupting effect out of all proportion to the work involved. Other changes may give rise to a re-scheduling of work, with consequent loss of productivity. Often, these impacts are difficult to determine until some time later.

Notwithstanding, the prudent contractor will be constantly vigilant for the types of situations described, and will give the earliest possible warning to the owner, of his intent to claim and the anticipated grounds for doing so. In this way, under most contracts, the contractor is able to preserve his rights to claim until such time as the necessary information can be collected and appropriate analyses conducted.

Claim Notification  Claim Notification

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