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Published here October 2017

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Book Structure

The contents of this book are set out in eight chapters and one appendix as follows:



Program Management



Program Initiation



Program Deliverable Management



Program Planning and Organizing



Program Leadership



Program Execution and Control



Program Closure





Selected Program Management Bibliography

This book has 318 pages but no Glossary of terms. The text is fairly well written and understandable, but our main concern is that quite a number of paragraphs are long (15 to 17 lines) containing as many as eight sentences.[3] That makes them difficult to digest, especially for those practicing in this new world of high-speed stress. Or, for that matter, for the younger set who have been brought up on Twitter.

However, the book is well laid out with ample illustrations and bulleted lists to support the concepts being described in the text. In terms of reading, we would describe the book as sound advice in practical and realistic terms, presented at an academic level. Chapters 2 through 6 are by far the largest, ranging from 43 to 59 pages.

In terms of comfortable readership, we suspect that the largest audience would be from the Information Technology Sector, although other project management sectors such as those listed in "Table 3-2 Program deliverable categories and examples"[4] will benefit from studying the book.

Introduction  Introduction

3. Ibid, See for example on pages 29-30, 84 and 113, etc.
4. Ibid, p91
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