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Published here February 2020

Bryan McConachy: Bryan's Pitch
Max: Response | Scope of Proposed Climate Change | Justification | The No-project Option
Helen Cooke: Helen Cooke's Perspective

The No-project Option

But the people demand action! Well, that is to say, the media who make a living out of raising alarms to increase revenues and justify their existence. Or perhaps it's the armchair scientists who are anxious to make a name for them selves. Or, again, the politicians who see great potential in frightening the people into paying more taxes, the destination and specific purposes of which are unstated, but most likely the general slush fund for their pet gimmicks. Or, worst case — all of them.

As a suggestion, how about redirecting all of the world's war efforts and expenditures away from current conflicts and, instead, focus these energies on this great "Climate Change" project??

Justification  Justification

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