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Published here April, 2004.

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In order to track all those inputs and outputs, Muhamed found it necessary to adopt a specification-type numbering scheme of the general format xx.x.x.x. However, the PMBOK® Guide also has a similar numbering scheme for its paragraphs. Further, Muhamed's illustrations appear to have their own similar numbering scheme. So, we got a bit lost trying to keep track of which was which.

Unfortunately, this book may have a relatively short shelf life as PMI is planning to introduce an updated version of The PMBOK® Guide in 2005. According to a recent PMI announcement:[11]

"While the official comment period has closed and no further recommendations for changes can be accepted, you can still access and view the Exposure Draft of the PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition online. This exposure draft is NOT an official PMI Standard and is not currently a replacement for the PMBOK® Guide - 2000 Edition. For that reason, it is not available in a printed version. For your convenience, however, members can download and print the exposure draft directly from the site. Almost 2,900 recommendations for changes were received during the comment period, and more than half of those will be accepted as part of the exposure draft process. As a result, the final PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition will differ in many ways from the Exposure Draft of the PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition."

So, it will depend on how the changes to the final version of the PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition, will impact Muhamed's book. Still, having done the basic research hopefully it will not be too difficult for him to produce a Second Edition of Brainstorming The PMBOK® Guide.

What We Liked  What We Liked

11. Project Management Institute announcement received by Email March 12, 2004
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