Published here December, 2003.

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Project Benefits

Are there any benefits from this grossly mismanaged program? Well, perhaps, yes.

Firstly, the prime minister is probably quite right. Canadians are used to the wholesale squandering of their hard-earned tax dollars and, in general, are seemingly prepared to put up with this kind of project, especially by those who are the beneficiaries of such largesse.

Secondly, bank robbers, break-and-enter artists and similar hoodlums can now feel a lot safer going about their nefarious business knowing full well that all (well most) legitimate firearms have been duly registered, are therefore traceable, and gun owners will be correspondingly less likely to use them in defense of their property.

Footnote: More, much more, on this fiscal and administrative debacle can be found on the Internet by conducting a Google search with the string "Canadian gun registry".

Lessons Learned  Lessons Learned

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