The views expressed in these introductory reviews are strictly those of Max Wideman.
The contents of these two books under review are the copyright property of
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Published here November 2013 (Book 1) and December 2013 (Book 2)

Introduction to the Books
Book 1 - Project Management, Tenth Edition
Introduction | Table of Contents
General Observations: Overview and Techniques | Managing People and Exercising Control
CD-ROM Contents

Book 2 - Naked Project Management, The Bare Facts
Introduction | Table of Contents
General Observations and Recommendations | Quibbles

Project Management, Tenth Edition
by Dennis Lock, 2013

CD-ROM Contents

As we noted in our Introduction, if you purchase the Hardback Tutor's Edition of this book, it includes a CD-ROM with over 600 PowerPoint slides covering all the first 28 chapters. In addition there are a number of optional PowerPoint presentations on specific project management techniques, as well as supplementary chapters from previous editions of the book, all as listed below.

The contents of the CD-ROM enclosed with the book are as follows:

Core Lectures (PowerPoint Presentations)

  1. Introduction to project management
  2. Factors for project success or failure
  3. Defining the project
  4. Cost estimating
  5. Introduction to time planning
  6. Financial appraisal
  7. Managing project risk
  8. Project organization Part 1: organigrams and matrix structures
  9. Project organization Part 2: project teams and the project manager
  10. Project organization Part 3: contract matrix organizations
  11. Work breakdown structures and coding
  12. Project planning using critical path analysis
  13. Scheduling resources: for a single project
  14. Project start-up and progressing
  15. An introduction to project contracts
  16. Procurement and the supply chain
  17. Managing project changes
  18. anaging project costs
  19. Managing project closure

Optional Lectures (PowerPoint Presentations)

  1. Critical path methods: arrow networks
  2. Multi-project resource scheduling
  3. Scheduling project cash flows
  4. Some more advanced methods
  5. Standard network diagrams and templates

Supplementary Chapters (PDF)

This section on the CD-ROM comprises material from the ninth edition of this book that has no longer been included in the this tenth edition:

Chapter S1 Scheduling materials for manufacturing projects
Chapter S2 Line of balance charts in construction projects
Chapter S3 Rolling wave planning
Chapter S4 Hierarchical network breakdown
Chapter S5 PERT
Chapter S6 Standard networks and templates

The timed PowerPoint slide presentations are well prepared and are invaluable for instructors wishing to use the book as a basis for instruction. We find that this CD-ROM material, together with the PDF files of Chapters S1 to S6, are all excellent sources of information for anyone wanting a quick brush up on any of the topics covered in the main text.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

General Observations: Managing People and Exercising Control  General Observations: Managing People and Exercising Control

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