This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of The Rational Edge E-zine on-line magazine, copyright 2002-2003 IBM and Max Wideman.

The Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a rigorous software development process advocated by the Rational Software Corporation.

The downloadable PDF file of the paper on this site is the one prepared by the Rational Edge editorial staff with the special assistance of Ms Marlene Ellin.

Published here October, 2003.

PART IV | Recap | Progressive Acquisition Workflow
Specifying the Work | Selecting or Pre-Qualifying Suppliers
Making the Solicitation | Evaluating Submissions | Negotiating the Contract
Administering the Contract and Controlling the Supplier's Work
Terminating the Contract | Understand Progressive Acquisition
Appendix: Glossary of Terms for Progressive Acquisition

Terminating the Contract

Under normal circumstances, the acquirer closes the contract by issuing a final acceptance -- and paying the bill -- once the supplier has performed all the specified work.

Under certain circumstances, however, you might want to or have to terminate the contract:

  • By mutual agreement -- because you want to replace the contract with another in light of new information, corporate changes, or a condition specified in the original contract.
  • Because of mutual frustration -- if the work proves impossible to perform or because of radically altered circumstances.
  • Because of legal requirements -- if the supplier files for bankruptcy, for example.
  • For breach of an essential contractual term -- a material breach on the part of one party may discharge the other from any further obligations.
Administering the Contract and Controlling the  Administering the Contract and Controlling the Supplier's Work

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