This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of The Rational Edge E-zine on-line magazine, copyright 2002-2003 IBM and Max Wideman.

The Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a rigorous software development process advocated by the Rational Software Corporation.

The downloadable PDF file of the paper on this site is the one prepared by the Rational Edge editorial staff with the special assistance of Ms Marlene Ellin.

Published here October, 2003.

PART IV | Recap | Progressive Acquisition Workflow
Specifying the Work | Selecting or Pre-Qualifying Suppliers
Making the Solicitation | Evaluating Submissions | Negotiating the Contract
Administering the Contract and Controlling the Supplier's Work
Terminating the Contract | Understand Progressive Acquisition
Appendix: Glossary of Terms for Progressive Acquisition

Evaluating Submissions

As the acquirer, your objective is to negotiate or select the solicitation response that best serves your requirements. So, in addition to criteria relative to the supplier's capability, you should consider applying the following criteria:

  • Product technical performance relative to your functionality "musts" and "wants."
  • Supplier's schedule for performing the work.
  • Cost, including both product lifecycle costs (i.e., potential in-service maintenance service costs), as well as the initial project acquisition costs.
  • Demonstration of ability to provide a quality product.

Naturally, suppliers will be more responsive if they perceive your evaluation process as fair; including your evaluation criteria as part of the solicitation documentation helps to convey this message. The key is to conduct an open, honest, and logical appraisal.

Making the Solicitation  Making the Solicitation

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