This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP, © 2013.
Published here August 2014.
The material has been abstracted from Jamal Moustafaev's forthcoming book on Project Scope Management.

Introduction | Quick Overall Outline | The Project Plan Contents
Overview and Recipient Stakeholders | Project Scope Management | Project Quality Management
Project Time Management - Schedule and Milestones | Project Cost Management - Budget
Project Risk Management | Project Human Resources Management
Project Procurement Management | Project Communications Management | Concluding Remarks

Overview and Recipient Stakeholders


It is essential to start the Project Plan document with an explanation of its purpose, since the readers may include people who are not very familiar with project management and may not fully understand the objective of the project plan.

Sample texts for the project plan overview are provided below:

"This document is the project plan for the [Project Name]. It addresses scope, deliverables, risks, assumptions, milestones, schedule, budget and team working practices required to achieve a successful outcome."

"The Project will be placed under the Change Control process once signed off."

"Updates to the Project Plan must be reviewed and approved by the Project Manager and any relevant stakeholders for the section that is changed. "

Relevant Project Sponsors and Stakeholders

Also, a list of all the relevant project sponsors and external stakeholders should be included in the "Overview" section see sample in Figure 2.

Project Role


Organizational Role

Project Champion

Robert Smith


Project Sponsor

John Black



Leslie Brown

VP, Sales

Stakeholder 1

Cassandra Jones

Director, Marketing Department

Stakeholder 2

Alexandra Smalls

Director, Legal Department

Stakeholder 3

Joseph Chan

Director, IT Department

Figure 2: Sponsors and stakeholders

Among other things this table serves as a quick reference check on who should approve the project plan, the scope documentation, and all subsequent change requests.

The Project Plan Contents  The Project Plan Contents

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