This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP, © 2013.
Published here August 2014.
The material has been abstracted from Jamal Moustafaev's forthcoming book on Project Scope Management.

Introduction | Quick Overall Outline | The Project Plan Contents
Overview and Recipient Stakeholders | Project Scope Management | Project Quality Management
Project Time Management - Schedule and Milestones | Project Cost Management - Budget
Project Risk Management | Project Human Resources Management
Project Procurement Management | Project Communications Management | Concluding Remarks

Project Communications Management

Communications Planning & Distribution

Figure 11 contains a partial list of key project documents that have to be distributed during the project. It is a good idea to decide who should and wants to receive what documentation at the beginning of the planning stage in order to avoid complaints from people who needed to receive the documentation but were not notified. By the same token senior managers may request to be excluded from the meeting minutes mailing list and be sent status reports instead.


Distributed To


Project Charter

All project stakeholders

Once before the sign-off.
Posted on the intranet afterwards


All project stakeholders

Once before the sign-off.
Every time a significant change is made to it.
Posted on the intranet afterwards

Meeting Minutes

Project team, other stakeholders based on individual requests

Posted on the intranet afterwards

Status Reports

Customers, senior management

Posted on the intranet afterwards

Lessons Learned

All project stakeholders

Posted on the intranet afterwards

Change Requests

Change control committee, project team

As needed.
Posted on the intranet afterwards

Figure 11: Project Meetings and Meeting Minutes

Describe how often the project's status meeting will be conducted and when. For example:

"Project status team meetings will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm".

Also, specify how the meeting minutes will be created, who will be responsible for writing them and how they will be distributed and stored. For example:

"Project status team meetings will be held weekly. Project manager will be responsible for keeping proper meeting minutes and publishing them within 24 hours after the project meeting. Also, all project stakeholders shall be e-mailed meeting minutes upon their requests."

Project Documentation

Include a reference to the project documentation locations. For instance:

"All project documentation related to this project will be kept in the following folder: F:/Projects/Project ABC"

It is highly recommended that you include an "Overview" statement describing the overall purpose of the document, especially for those stakeholders who are not very proficient in the area of project management.

Project Procurement Management  Project Procurement Management

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