This paper is copyright to Yogi Schulz, © 2010. Reprinted with permission.
Published August 2010

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Project Resources

Good - Most individuals on the project organization chart are assigned full-time and are employees. We are using contractors where needed but not too many. For example, the project team includes individuals from the key departments that will be affected by the project.

Bad - More individuals are part-time or contract staff than are full-time employees. We just don't have enough full-time employees to spare. For example, the project team includes part-time individuals from key departments who are still expected to fulfill their regular duties. For example, the project team consists of about 80% contractors because key departments claim they can't spare full-time employees.

Ugly - We're using the virtual resource concept. We rely on various individuals within the company and perhaps at various vendors to perform assigned project tasks when asked in additional to their regular duties. For example, our small project team is making specific requirements gather assignments to knowledgeable individuals in key departments. For example, our small project team is contracting knowledgeable individuals who work for various vendors to complete software design assignments.

The Fix

Staff the project team with mostly full-time individuals. Part-time staff, with divided loyalties, tends to be less productive. Try to contain the number of contractors. Too many contractors can cause a loss of focus on business priorities. Try to minimize the geographic dispersion of the project team. Geographic dispersion increases costs and reduces clarity of communication even with a unified communication system.

Successful project managers work hard to resource the project with as much expertise and experience as they can acquire.

Project Organization  Project Organization

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