This paper is copyright to Yogi Schulz, © 2010. Reprinted with permission.
Published August 2010

Introduction | Project Goal | Project Sponsor | Project Manager | Project Benefits 
Project Plan & Status | Project Budget & Status | Project Organization | Project Resources
Project Steering Committee | Stakeholder Communication | Change Management
Project Technology | Conclusions and Recommendations

Conclusions and Recommendations

For each of the 12 characteristics, watch out for the signs that lead to project catastrophe and take action to ensure project success. Hence:

  • Address project success factors in the Project Charter. As project manager, describe how you expect to execute the project in the project charter for discussion with the project sponsor and other members of the project steering committee. For example, describe your project organization, status reporting plan and technology. Use the draft project charter to drive discussions within the project team and with various stakeholders to achieve consensus on these key success factors.
  • Recognize common project factors that lead to success or failure. As project manager, keep a sharp lookout for these project failure factors. Encourage the project team to draw the emergence of a project failure factor to your attention. For example, when a project steering committee member resigns and no evidence of action to replace that person is apparent, what do you do? Make a recommendation to the project sponsor.
  • Take corrective action when a project failure factor looms. By taking corrective action when project failure factors loom, you are ensuring that your organization achieves business value from its investments in the IT project. You will also avoid the destructive finger pointing that is a consequence of most unsuccessful IT projects. For example, what do you do when your project sponsor is promoted, transferred or fired? Do you just meander along on your own? No, as project manager you recommend to the project steering committee who will be the interim project sponsor and who the potential candidates for a new project sponsor are.
Project Technology  Project Technology

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