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Published here October 2012.

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Next Station: Cairo

A cargo of fifty tons of old tires was offloaded, all destined to be melted down in the solar furnaces. Combined with glass from the factories, they make the neutrally buoyant composite subsea train, internet and power tunnels eco-friendly while being cost effective.

"…Perhaps some place in Greece? The sun, the beach and real seafood. We can stop at Athens…"

As the train sped across the Mediterranean, Sam recalled the first time he tasted real fish. Not surprisingly, reconstituted protein from plants, bacteria, fungi and insects made the staple diet of the world's inhabitants for the past fifty years. They were not as tasty, but much cheaper and greener than livestock to feed the billions. His taste buds tickled as Spain and the junction to America zoomed by the horizon.

Somewhere in Europe

Sam ended his shift. Although he travelled half the world, he left no carbon footprint. In fact, he never left the station. Above, hundreds of drivers keep freight, people, energy and information in motion via remote control. Sam picked up the little koala toy. He headed out, walking towards the silhouette of the two people in the world he love the most.

"I miss you Daddy," said little Sara as she jumped into Sam's arms, giving him a little peck on the cheek.

End of story

Pearls from Heaven

This article was published in the Imperial Engineer, Spring 2011, pages 14-15, reproduced with permission. It highlights the fact that the world is not a peaceful place. Imperial Engineer is the magazine for members of The City & Guilds College Association and The Royal School of Mines Association, London, UK.

Sam Makes an iVisor™ Call …  Sam Makes an iVisor™ Call …

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