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Published here April 2021.

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So What Should Employers Do About This Dilemma?

It comes down to company leadership and all managers not letting the dissenters disrupt the business. Here are three tips in that regard:

Encourage reluctant employees to look for work elsewhere!

If you're a manager of someone who balks at a vaccine requirement and the person is not a key employee, I would encourage that person to find a new job. I would approve of them looking for a job even during working hours in order for them to move to a work environment they perceive as safer.

If that encouragement does not work, I would set up an internal committee with HR and the individual's supervisor and review the employee's concerns. The employee would meet with the internal committee, minutes would be kept, and the employee's job description would be reviewed by all. If at all possible, the organization would make that employee a remote worker through the end of 2021, or at the point of herd immunity. After one of those time frames, the employee would have to rejoin the workforce in the office.

This time lag would allow the government guidelines to come out. A government proclamation that herd immunity has been reached, along with a confirmation within the company that sufficient vaccination levels have been reached, should dissipate most fears that those who are not vaccinated have harbored. Thus, a return to work is justifiable.

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