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Published here April 2021.

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Avoid Legal Liability; Document Everything | Addressing Anti-Vaccination Beliefs

Addressing Anti-Vaccination Beliefs

Don't waste company time addressing anti-vaccination beliefs and fears. Fears are difficult to overcome. Vaccinations bring more health security. With companies showing they care about employee health by allowing work from home for so long, management should not spend an inordinate amount of valuable company time calming employees' fears about the shots or trying to sway their beliefs.

Management instead should set up job evaluations on a monthly basis to give the employee quantitative reviews that will shed light for all parties on the performance or non-performance of the employee. If the employee passes that evaluation, management should then make best efforts to find a new isolated position, and if this is not possible, then the employee, with the company's blessings, should seek new employment. Some people are just too dug-in in their beliefs, and the company must move on.

Leaders will be in a tough position with employees who refuse to get vaccinated. Those employees are weighing what is best for them; leaders determine what's best for the company. With vaccinations now available, the ball is in the employee's court, but leaders must decide when the volleying back and forth will end.

Avoid Legal Liability; Document Everything  Avoid Legal Liability; Document Everything

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